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Why do you need website hosting

Every person familiar with the Internet has heard of such a concept as 'website hosting', but not everyone even approximately knows what it is. Or, what is the difference between hosting and domain.

Omitting technical details and all sorts of "smart" terms to describe it, then we can say that high-quality website hosting is a service for providing home space for a website. It can also be understood logically, because when you go to any website on the Internet, you usually see text pages, images, audio or video information there, presented to you in a special way in the form of web pages. If these files are placed in the virtual space, then a certain place is required to store them. It is a dedicated virtual php hosting of websites.The name itself came from the English "host" - the main device, the main server, the host (there is an alternative meaning - the holder of the inn, it gives a legitimate basis for a comparison with the house for the site), and the service that provides space on the "main server" for sites called (according to the laws of English grammar) "Hosting" or in Russian spelling - hosting.

For virtual hosting of websites, a powerful computer or even several computers are used with special software installed (web server, databases and much more). It is connected to a dedicated high-speed internet channel. This server runs 24 hours a day and that is why Internet sites are available to us at any time of day. Based on this information, someone may suggest that using your own server will allow you to get high-quality and the cheapest hosting. But in fact, it will cost you much more financially. Also, the user will face technical difficulties that can be avoided by buying a reliable paid, but inexpensive website hosting from professionals.

So, if you decided to have a website or a blog, you can't do it without hosting. No matter if it\'s a large corporate portal or a personal diary with a couple of pages.

Free domain for the website!

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How to order cheap website hosting

You only need to choose a tariff plan and place an order for hosting.

Find a cheap hosting plan
Choose a low cost hosting plan depending on the size of the drive and the number of domains you require.
Pay or activate test period
Pay for your hosting order or activate a test period, the free domain will be registered automatically.
Instant access to hosting
After payment, an email with all the details about your hosting will be sent to your contact email address.

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Frequently asked questions about order of website hosting

Choose a cheap hosting plan depending on the size of the drive and the number of domains you need