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We thank you for visiting our website. This security policy explains how personal information collected on this site may be used. Please note that by applying this site, you consent to the terms and conditions described in the privacy policy.

1. General provisions

1.1. Personal Information Privacy Policy (hereinafter the 'Policy') applies to all information that «HOST & KA» S.R.L., IDNO: 1024600042933, Legal address: MD-2068, str. Alecu Russo, 24, ap. 130, mun. Chisinau, Respublica Moldova (referred to hereinafter as «Hostia», «Performer», «Hostia.NET») may obtain about the Customer during their use of the website and in the course of Hostia.Net performance of any agreements and contracts with the Customer.

1.2. The purpose of the Policy is to communicate to persons who provide their personal data the necessary information to allow them to assess which personal data is processed by Hostia.Net and for what purposes, and which security methods are implemented.

1.3. The Policy ensures the protection of the rights and freedoms of data subjects when processing their personal data with or without the use of automation and establishes the liability of persons having access to personal data for failure to comply with the requirements governing the processing and protection of personal data.

1.4. Customers by submitting their personal data to Hostia.Net, including through third parties, acknowledge their consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Policy.

1.5. The Policy applies to data received both before and after the Policy takes effect.

1.6. Hostia.Net has the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time and may change the Policy without prior notice.

2. Concept and composition personal data

2.1. For the purposes of the Policy, "personal information of the Client" means personal information which the Client has provided about himself/herself when creating an account in his/her personal account or which is obtained automatically during the use of the website The personal information received may include:

-surname, first name, patronymic.

- passport data, data of other identity documents (series, number, date of issue, division code and name of issuing authority);

- address of residence and domicile;

- contact telephone numbers, email address;

- data that are automatically transmitted through the website "Hostia.Net" during their use with the software installed on the Customer's device, including the IP address, cookie data, User's browser information, access time, address of the requested page.

2.2 Depending on the subject of personal data, Hostia.Net may process the personal data of the following categories of subjects in order to carry out its activities and to fulfil its obligations:

-the personal data of Hostia.Net employees - information required in connection with the employment relationship and concerning a specific employee.

- personal data of the Customer - information required by Hostia.Net to fulfil its obligations under the contractual relationship with the Customer and to comply with legal requirements.

2.3. This list is not exhaustive and is subject to change.

2.4. Hostia.Net does not verify the authenticity of the data provided by the Client and does not exercise control over their legal capacity. The responsibility for the accuracy, relevance and sufficiency of the data lies with the Client who provided it.

3. Basis and purpose of treatment customer data

3.1. Hostia.Net collects and stores the Client's personal data necessary to provide services, execute agreements and contracts and fulfil obligations to the Client.

3.2. Hostia.Net may also use customer data for the following purposes:

- Customer identification within contracts;

- communication with the Client when necessary, including sending offers, notices, information and requests, whether or not related to the provision of services, as well as processing Client applications, enquiries and requests;

- improving service quality.

4. Timing and methods processing personal data

4.1. The processing period of personal data is determined on the basis of the purpose of processing in Hostia.Net information systems, in accordance with the term of the contract or agreement with the personal data subject.

4.2. Hostia.Net uses automated and non-automated processing of personal data in the course of its services.

4.3. The set of processing operations includes data collection, recording, systematisation, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), anonymisation, blocking, deletion, destruction.

5. Processing of personal information

5. Processing of personal information using a cookie

5.1. Cookies are used to improve the efficiency and security of the https: Hostia.Net website.

5.2. The Customer is aware that the hardware and software used by the Customer to visit websites on the Internet may have the function of disabling cookie operations (for any websites or for specific websites) and of deleting previously received cookies.

5.3. Hostia.Net has the right to establish that the provision of certain functions is only possible if the acceptance and receipt of cookies is authorised by the Customer.

5.4. The structure of the cookie, its content and technical parameters are determined by Hostia.Net and are subject to change without prior notice to the Customer.

6. Confidentiality and protection of personal data

6.1. Access to the Customer's personal data may only be granted to Hostinia employees in the performance of their job duties. Hostife requires its employees to respect the confidentiality and security of personal data when processing it.

6.2. Hostia.Net has the right to transfer personal data to third parties in the following cases:

-the client has consented to these actions;

-transfer is stipulated by law in Europe, and other neighbouring countries of the world, under a legally prescribed procedure.

All obligations under the terms of this Policy with respect to the data received are hereby transferred to the acquirer.

7. Rights and obligations Client

7.1. The client is entitled to:

- full information about his personal data and the processing of this data.

-free access to your personal data, except as required by law;

-require the exclusion or correction of incorrect or incomplete personal data;

7.2. The client must:

- provide the necessary documents and information containing truthful information when concluding a contract;

- report any changes in personal data, including changes in passport details, place of registration, etc.


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